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Many homeowners in the Indiana area have roofs that are suffering from roof algae. Roof algae are seen as black streaks or stains running vertical on asphalt shingle roofs. These black streaks normally first start appearing on the north facing slopes of the roof where the prevailing amount of shade and moisture are present.

Available to help with this problem is roof cleaning Indiana services. A roof cleaning professional can kill and remove this roof algae without harming the shingles. Roof cleaning is a dangerous job and is best left to a pro. The shingles can become very slippery when the roof cleaner is being applied. Walking the roof can get treacherous.

Roof cleaning companies can handle the work better because they have the proper equipment, cleaners, and methods that are necessary to do the work. Neglected roofs will eventually turn completely black from the algae and the life of the shingles will be diminished. The roof algae does not allow the shingles to reflect the heat like they need to so they deteriorate prematurely. Roof cleaning is a great alternative to a complete roof replacement and is usually only a fraction of the cost.


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